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Self-Storage, sorted.

For all you self-storage needs

We pride ourselves on being able to offer extremely competitive prices and excellent service for your storage needs. We are a long running family business and we hold traditional values with the highest regard. Our customers come first!

How it all works?

We have a large variety of different sized units available within our 24 hour and non 24 hour areas, so we should not have a problem catering to your needs. If we do not have a unit in the right size, we can offer a combination of two or more to make up the size required. We will then calculate the combined space and alter the charge accordingly to reflect this. We like to encourage potential customers to come and have a look round the facility to check us out and get a clearer idea of sizes and availability.

Booking in

Our booking in process takes approximately 20 minutes, we have a client agreement to complete, a card authorisation form or a Direct Debit form. We enter all the details onto our computer system, if you are a 24 hour access customer you will need to choose a code to be able to enter/exit the facility out of office hours. A method of payment either cash or card for the first payment, the direct debit takes approximately 10 days to set up so will be ready for the next payment if you choose this method.

We will go through the entry/exit procedures with you for either 24 hour access or non 24 hour access, depending on which type of storage you have opted for. Explain the two types of alarm you may hear and what they mean.

Answer any questions you may have thought of, and of course run through the procedures again if necessary.

Taking payment

We will then process the payment,  you will either pay cash or we will either use the card details you have supplied (checking they are correct) to take payment. If you have opted for Direct debit this will be sent off and set up and when the next payment is due, we will be able to request it from your bank. Going forward, you will receive an invoice for your storage unit 2 weeks before it is actually due for payment, once the payment date is reached we can then process your payment remotely and keep the account up to date. You will need to keep us informed of any changes to your card details or bank changes.


Insurance is a stipulation of self-storage wherever you go, although we do not supply the insurance, we are happy to give a quote and then the insurer will contact and deal with you direct. You are free to use whomsoever you choose, all we require is the policy number to put on your notes. There are specialist self-storage insurers or sometimes your own contents policy may cover goods in storage but it is worth checking on this.


We pride ourselves on having modern up to date CCTV on site, a quality alarm system and a very secure entrance/exit.

We supply padlocks to our non 24 hour customers and keep the keys on site but our non 24 hour customers need to supply their own padlock or we do sell them for £5.99 incl VAT.


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