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Office cluttered up with files? Free up valuable space!

Archive Storage

Peaks Storehouse offers an excellent solution for all your document and archive storage requirements, without the need to compromise on accessibility or security.

By relocating document and archive storage to our secure off site facility, you can free up and save on valuable office space.

Archived documents are securely stored in our ‘shared tenant’ area. We manage the retrieval/collection/delivery and computer tracking of your boxes. No-one is allowed access into these secure areas unless accompanied by a member of our staff.

We only use a 1 box per shelf racking system.


Archive storage features


  • Temperature and humidity monitoring on all archive units
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • High tech security system, including CCTV and intruder alarms

There are no hidden costs. The cost per week (or part of) includes delivery, collection, labour and archive management.

Retrieval for shredding will be charged at out standard labour rates.


Document shredding


We’ve negotiated favourable rates with a local company for the secure shredding of your archiving. A certificate of secure confidential shredding will be issued, once completed. We take any size or order. Boxes awaiting shredding are kept in our secure store until the minimum amount has been reached. All this for only £1.75 per box + VAT


Archiving boxes


Archive boxes are available for £1.65 + VAT, any quantity, FREE delivery within Cambridge. SALE OR RETURN. (Must be unused and in good resalable condition.)


Contact us to find out more.

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Archive storage for your documents

Many businesses have archive documents they must keep, but rarely need to access. Relocating these to our storage facility will free up valuable office space to be used more effectively.
Single point storage: keep all documentation in one centralised accessible point.
Environmental protection: storage units offer greater protection against element damage.
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