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Self-storage in Cambridge. Get a better deal with Peaks.

Peaks Storehouse offers a purpose built, self-storage facility in the heart of Cambridge with over 335 individual units over three floors. Unit sizes vary from a 1m³ locker to 315 sq ft with access available 24/7 if needed.

With our self-store units you can store virtually anything you want that might be taking up too much space in your home. It’s like having an extra room in your home where you are the sole key holder*.

*24-hr storage customers only.
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Size comparison guide*

What size unit do I need?


Our handy size guide below gives you an idea of the amount of space you may need. The sizes listed  below are not exhaustive of the units available – we have storage solutions in all sizes to suit your requirements. The following sizes are a useful guide but we recommend you make an accurate assessment before committing.

*all sizes approximate.


15 to 20 sq ft
Transit Van
35 to 45 sq ft
Luton Van
70 to 80 sq ft
7.5 Tonne Van
150 to 170 sq ft
20 ft Container
170 to 200 sq ft
1 Bedroom
40 to 60 sq ft
2 Bedroom
60 to 100 sq ft
3 Bedrooms
100 to 150 sq ft
4 Bedrooms
150 to 250 sq ft
5ft x 5ft
A small garden shed
5ft x 10ft
Half a single garage
10ft x 10ft
A single garage
10ft x 15ft
One and a half single garages
10ft x 20ft
A double garage
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Security for peace of mind

We recognise the importance of peace of mind and have invested in round the clock security and safety equipment.

24 hour digital CCTV

The storage facility is covered by a state-of-the-art CCTV system.

Intruder alarm system

A system is in place to protect the integrity of the storage complex out of hours.

Staff presence

There is always fully trained members of staff on site during office hours.

Fire alarms & smoke detectors

Constantly upgraded alarms and smoke detectors are fitted throughout the building.

Secure & safe

The security of all your goods is of paramount importance to us.

Personal lock & key*

Purchased brand new, packaged padlock with 3 keys, to ensure only you have access to your items.
*24-hour clients only

Useful storage tips

Fold down or take apart as much as you can to fit into your storage unit.
Calculate the value of your goods so you can arrange insurance cover - we can help with insurance.
Label all your boxes and make a list of what's in them. Take a copy of the list home with you, it will help you find things later on.
Try to leave a walkway from the door to the rear of the unit.
Use furniture like chests of drawers and wardrobes as storage to save on space, but remember to position them where you'll still be able to open them.
Make sure you put a protective cover over your soft furnishing to protect against dust.
Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped and stacked on their end.
Defrost and clean all fridges and freezers to prevent damage, and leave the doors open to help ventilation.
Heavy items should be stored in smaller boxes to make them easier to carry.
Wrap china and other breakables in bubblewrap or tissue paper.
Clean all garden furniture and drain the lawnmower or other garden machinery of fuel.
Get a padlock - we can supply you with one.
Remember you cannot store anything illegal, flammable, dangerous, perishable or alive.
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