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Key clutter-busting ideas to create more space

Key clutter-busting ideas to create more space.Related image

It’s amazing how the minute spring comes along we all feel the need for a little more space and a little less ‘stuff’ around the house. So, even if you’re not moving, these clutter-busting ideas will have your house looking and feeling like a new home in no time.


  1. Where to start with the clutter-busting?


Start with a plan. Take a little time to think about what you use each room in your house for. This will help you decide what needs to be in that room and what needs to go to another. You may find that most of your clutter is just things that have ‘moved’ to the wrong room. If you find items that don’t seem to belong to any room – be ruthless and get rid.


  1. Make time to tidy


If a whole day feels like too much clutter-busting in one go, give yourself a chunk of time that feels more manageable. Allocate 15 minutes to a cupboard or an hour to the garage perhaps. Pop on your favourite tunes and set an alarm – it will keep you up beat and on track and help guard against ‘clutter fatigue’.


  1. Keep it, move it, bin it or donate it


Before you start a declutter session, have black bin bags ready for your ‘bin it’ items so you can’t see what you’ve thrown away and be tempted to change your mind. Pop ‘Move it’ items in bags with handles or clean garden trugs to help transport them to other rooms and put ‘Donate it’ choices straight into bags or boxes you don’t want to keep, so you can pop them straight in the car ready for a trip to the charity shop.


  1. Storage with style


Attractive storage solutions can enhance your environment as well as cleverly keeping your clutter at bay. Fabric covered boxes that match your décor can double as a footrest, toy box or an occasional table and magazine store. Likewise, fitted doors or a curtain across shelves instantly shuts out what’s behind and can really add to the look of your room.


  1. Handy hanging ideas


Chances are that even if you don’t have acres of conventional storage options you have some spare wall or ceiling space. Framed photos take up much less space (and collect less dust) if you hang them on the walls. Everything from cups to pans to utensils and glasses can look great hanging up in the kitchen. Why not try lots of hooks at different levels in the hallway and get bags, coats, hats, scarfs and keys all up and out of the way the minute you get in?


  1. Less is more


One great way to cut your clutter is to have less of it in the first place. So, before you think about buying something new, you could check out the growing number of rental and hire websites. You can find practically anything you need from a lawnmower to a latte machine and simply hand it back when you’re done. Makes sense and saves space.


  1. And when clutter isn’t really clutter?


We all have times when we need more space but don’t want to get rid of things forever. You might be planning building work, making room for a new baby or clearing the house to rent while you work abroad. If this is your clutter conundrum, self-storage could be just the ticket. It gives you the option of a safe, secure place for your belongings for as long as you need it.

Happy decluttering.


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