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Why not try out my 8 clutter-busting ideas this spring?

Why not try out my 8 clutter-busting ideas this spring?

It’s amazing how the minute spring comes along we all feel the need for a little more space and a little less ‘stuff’ around the house. So, even if you’re not moving, these 8 clutter-busting ideas will have your house looking and feeling like a new home in no time.

1. Make some head space in your new home


The last thing you want when you move in to a new home are piles of unpacked boxes getting in the way. So why not keep some of your less vital things in storage, while you enjoy your new space and work out exactly what you want in it?

2. Don’t use it everyday? Store it away.


Blow up crocodiles, bulky suitcases, camping gear, and snowboards are all essential items when you need them but soon become annoying clutter when you don’t. Store sports equipment and holiday gear to keep it safe from mould, mildew, mice and moths until you need it next.

3. Big ideas to keep your small business organised


Keeping your business paraphernalia in storage could be just the job for cutting the clutter at home. You can safely store tools, stock items and equipment as well as advertising materials and paperwork. Plus 24-hour access self-storage means you can get whatever you want, whenever you need it. Let’s start thinking ‘inside the box’ people.

4. Only 265 days ‘till Christmas


That life-sized, light-up reindeer looked so magical at Christmas, but not so good now it’s blocking your way to the BBQ. Along with all the other decorations, outside lights and seasonal accessories, you’ve probably got a whole heap of things you won’t need for a while. So, why not pop them all in a self-storage unit until Christmas comes round again?

5. Spare a thought for your spare room


Go on be honest – is your spare room a bit of a dumping ground? Home to the old printer and the laundry basket? Well, with space a rare commodity these days, have you thought your spare room could be paying it’s way instead. Clear out the clutter to a self-store unit and you could rent your room on AirB’nB, offer it to a language student or even take in a lodger long-term.

6. No Garage? No worries


If you’ve got a spare tire in the spare room or the roof-top box in the downstairs loo it’s time to get yourself a ‘micro’ garage – otherwise known as a self-storage unit. A small unit could hold all your car accessories from spare tires and roof racks to trailers and child seats. You could even fit in your car!

7. Too lovely to throw, too ‘cluttery’ to keep?


It’s a real conundrum. Grandma’s walnut writing desk is lovely, and you’d never get rid of it, but it just doesn’t go with the new industrial inspired kitchen. Same goes for those boxes of stuff the kids made at school and your thousand album record collection that’s waiting for a turn table. My advice? If it’s clutter that you love – store it.

8. Extra space while you’re building extra space


Having building work done can be stressful. Even more stressful if you’re all having to clamber over piles of furniture and boxes of books while the work’s being done. Putting your things in self-storage not only gets them out of your way and your builder’s way, it also means they don’t get covered in dust or broken. It can make for a happier build all round.

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